Seriously personalised fitness experiments

You think personal training is only for the rich?

Our fitness programs are seriously tailored to your body and goals. Get serious and start training smart.

Your fitness level does not determine your level of fun

We sweat to make life sweet. Whether your fitness goals are drop dead serious or not that serious at all, we’ve got the workout plan that is just your type. Are you ready to take your gym routine to the next level?

250+ workout plans

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Discover new training methods

We don’t believe in hypes. That’s why all our training methods are based on scientific knowledge. The thing we do believe in is convenience. So get rid of that printed workout plan that you keep forgetting to bring with you to the gym. Our app seriously never forgets your fitness goals.

Improve your form & technique

Get lost every time you browse for exercise videos? Our library seriously contains 650 of them. Whether you’re doing your first squat or hitting a PR in weightlifting, executing proper form and technique is a must to gain serious results. Play hard and train smart!

Track your fitness goals. Seriously

Do you still rely on your scale to monitor your results? Our app seriously tracks your fitness progress. You test and train and test again. Let’s discover your strength and use it to get stronger.

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Get Serious and start training smart

Start your 7-day free trial. Pick a subscription and start training smart. No worries, you can cancel anytime. Without any hassle. We are serious.

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